Next Stop: Seoul, Korea

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Happy daylight savings! I love waking up to a beautiful, albeit chilly morning on what always is the cheeriest day of the year (chalk it up to my California native blood to thrive off the extra sun).
A few weeks ago, I was given an unexpectedly amazing job offer which took little time to accept, but quite a while to summon the words to share publicly.  So here we go: I am honored to announce that I have accepted a teaching position as professor of music at Paekche Institute of the Arts in Seoul, South Korea for all of 2013!
I will be working with dedicated music students and I have high hopes in collaborating with the professional musicians who contribute to the thriving music scene of Korea’s capital city.  I’m coming into this experience fueled by faith and an appetite for adventure! Plus, Seoul is reportedly the most wired city in the world so I am hopeful to stay connected with my life on the other side of the globe while I’m gone. If you are linked to the Korean community, please drop me a line with any tips, suggestions, or any musical or cultural connections.
Also, please check out my newly redesigned website (Thanks to James Carson for sharing his web design talents) for more updates and also where you can sign up for my mailing list.

Before I go, I’m performing twice more in New York City. I’d love to have you stop by to enjoy the music and to say farewell!

Tonight: Kaz an Nou, Brooklyn. 7pm. Jazz trio with my one and only’s, Conor Elmes and Michael Harrison Gamble. This cozy French Caribbean restaurant is downtown Brooklyn’s best-kept secret (well, the secret is basically spilled by this point). Come hungry and bring a bottle of wine and a date if you feel so romantically inclined.
Tomorrow night: 55 Bar, West Village. 7pm. Joshua Davis Love Salad featuring Joshua Davis, Thana Alexa, Nicole Zuraitis, and Ronen Itzik.  Love Salad is groovy modern jazz headed towards Sting’s kind of Pop, with three contemporary female vocalists, busy electro-acoustic bass and bass loops, fierce pot and pan percussion, many-layered rhythms, sparse harmony, ample counterpoint, and dance pants groove.

Thank you for your support and your love. The world is a vast and often overwhelming place, but I’m on a mission to live one breath at a time leading from my own heart’s potential for love and compassion. We’re here together. Only love today and everyday.

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