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Hello! Yesterday I was invited to launch my very own project on! This is a great thing for many reasons:

a. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to fund my debut album, just recently titled Unveiled, and this website is just the platform to do it!

b. I needed some motivation to collect my thoughts and feelings about how to present my work in a cohesive package, and after poring over other artists’ projects, I think some ideas have been inspired and are starting to rise to the surface.

and c. The website, though relatively new, is really gaining popularity quickly for its facility in promoting the projects of new and independent artists. Anyone who helps the little guys side step the calamity that is major record labels is a fan of mine.

So, if you’ve never heard of this website, I can describe it in short for you.  Basically, you (new-to-the-game jazz/pop/original music vocalist) have the opportunity to find backers to raise funds for your project (in my case, finishing my album!) However, the main point of this website is that you are not simply asking for money. You’re driving down a two way street: your backers are graciously rewarded for their support in many different ways of your choosing.  Some bands essentially present this opportunity as a pre-pre-order of their album (you give them $15, they send you the album when it’s done).  But it hardly ever stops there; you give them $500, they’ll give you a concert at your next big soiree, $1,000 they’ll write you a song. The creativity of these motivated and saavy artists really shines in the structure of the Kickstarter rewards tiers. Basically, the website facilitates win-win situations that are fun and innovative.

My posting today is really justs a heads up for anyone interested in what I’ve been up to lately. More information will be provided as soon as I officially launch my Kickstarter project.  Of course, I’ll be keeping you posted in every which way (Facebook, Twitter, the gamut of social networking options).

Lastly, I’d like to welcome you to my WordPress powered website if this is your first time here.  Thanks for stopping by!

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